We are proud that all fish stock are bred on site and are native to Lakeside.

Day Fishing: £5 for Adults - £4 for Seniors and Children under 15

Our MAIN LAKE is an old quarry covering two
acres with 13 pegs, offering:

CARP (to 35 lbs)
TENCH (to 10 lbs)
BREAM (to 10 lbs)
PERCH (to 4 lbs)
ROACH, RUDD, & CHUB (to 3 lbs)
PIKE (to 33lbs)

Our FRONT POND has 8 pegs, offering:
TENCH  (to 5 lbs)
CARP (to 10 lbs)
BREAM  (to 5 lbs)
PERCH  (to 4 lbs)
ROACH & RUDD (to 1 1/2 lbs)

1. Nets to be disinfected in dips provided.
2. Barbless hooks only (no nipped or micro)
3. No bent hook rigs, single hooks only.
4. All fish must be returned to water.
5. Unhooking mats to be used.
6. No carp kept in keep nets or sacks.
7. Fishing only on designated swims.
8. No litter, radios or excessive noise.
9. Groundbait in Inline method feeders only.
10. Landing nets to be used for all fish.
11. No Cat or Dog meat.
12. Maximum of two rods.
13. No rods to be left unattended at any time.
14. No live bait or course dead bait for pike.
15. No angler under 15 unless accompanied by a fishing adult.

(Any questions please don't hesitate to ask)

(We would appreciate if all anglers are in possession of a fish care kit)